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Friday, 24 August 2012

More On Reading

When it comes to writing, a common recommendation is to read what you want to write. Thinking that I wanted to start my writing with short stories I decided I needed to read short stories. It seemed to me that the best way to do this was to find some magazines that specialize in printing the type of stories I wanted to write. I knew of a few such magazines, but I didn't no how many there were out there.

I first tried to subscribe to Asimov's Science Fiction ( as I had read a few copies over the years (The rare times I'd seen one in a newsagents), but I accidently subscribed to Analog Science Fiction & Fact ( instead. The Asimov's online subscription page was down and I got the Analog one through random pressing of anything that said subscribe. I managed to subscribe to Asimov's some months later. 

I discovered a number of online magazines, but at this point I was only interested in printed stuff. I also wanted something Australian. I found Aurealis ( and promptly subscribed. It was interesting timing that I subscribed, hoping for a printed magazine, just as Aurealis decided to go digital. They did send me two hard copies for my troubles.

Anyway, this opened my up to the possibility digital reading. I've since subscribed to two other digitally formatted SF magazines; the webzine AntipodeanSF ( and SQ Mag ( both of these are free subscription. Lastly I subscribed to the online version of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine ASIM (

There are many more magazine and ezines I could subscribe to, but the truth is I cannot keep up with what I'm getting now. At one point I had three unread Aurealis' on my computer, I've got one now, the latest. I'm trying to get through my first ASIM. I've got two unopened Analogs and one Asimov's unopened.

I guess I'm just a slow reader. I am also trying to read books at the same time.

Perhaps I'll tell you about that next time.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

On Reading

When I decided to have a serious go at writing about 12 months ago one thing I did was start looking around at what advice was out there about writing. One of the messages that was repeated many times was, "A good writer must also be a reader." At first I went, "Great, I'm a reader.", but then I realized that it was no longer true. I'd actually stopped being a reader.

I came to reading late. I could not read until I was 10 years old, but I then tried to make up for lost time. I also had a desire to write from the very beginning. The first book I read was The Hobbit and I wanted to write stories just like it. I also discovered comics and ended up creating a whole pantheon of Super Hero's in my head. As I grew, I read great Science Fiction writers like Asimov Heilein, Herbert and Dick, and great fantasy writers like Tolkien, Moorcock, Leiber and Le Guin.  (There many other writers I could name these are just a sample.)They all inspired me to want to write, but I never did.

In time, the tasks of life gradually took over and I read less and less. At first I began to just re-read my old books, never finding the time to discover new ones. However, over time I mostly stopped even doing that. I never stopped completely.

The passion for reading has returned with my quest to be a writer. In some ways it is almost over whelming, but I might keep that for another post.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I'm Surprised

I'm surprised that I'm blogging again.
I'm surprised that after only 12 months of writing I've written three short stories and two flash stories.
I'm surprised that I have a story published. Check it out:
I'm surprised that I once thought that Kenny Roger's 'The Gambler' was really deep and meaningful.
I'll be surprised if more than 2 or 3 people read this blog.