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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

I had a story Published today!


Yes, it is true. Today, Tuesday 1 March 2016, my story, 'Radar Love' was published in an online magazine.

The wonderful publication that has done this marvellous thing is SQ Mag, the International Speculative Fiction eZine, in it's 25th edition.

Here is the cover. You can see my author name, P J Keuning, second on the list under fiction.

Here is what the editor, Sophie, has to say about the story in the introduction 

"PJ Keuning spins us a delightful steampunk tale of life in the airborne cities of the UK in Radar Love."

So, how should you be celebrating this incredable event?

First: Download SQ Mag No.25 from the web site and read it all! My story first.

Second: Write a revue praising the wonderful stories and post it somewhere where people will see it.

Third: Get everyone you know to do the same. Actually just get anyone you can, it doesn't matter if you don't know them.

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