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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I need a daughter who won't drive me crazy!

I need a daughter that won't drive me crazy
A girl who’s listen and actually obey!
I need a daughter that won't drive me crazy
Some girl that knows the meaning of a
Hey now it’s bed time.

(Words adapted from John Cougar Mellencamp’s “I Need a Lover”)

I really love my daughter, she’s great. She would just be greater, if she did what she was told when she was told. Is that to much to ask? Probably! The list of reasons she can find not to do as she is told, or put off doing it, is endless.

I’m sometimes convinced that our sin nature is the most creative part of us. We just naturally know how to rebel, to try and get things our own way. We justify not doing what God has clearly called us to do with just as many creative reasons as my daughter has for not doing what Mum or Dad tells her.

We, like my daughter, feel completely justified in this rebellion because we are not really disobeying, we just cannot right now because…

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