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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

My story in print: I'm excited

On the 11 of March the anthology "In Fabula-divino 1" will be launched! 

This will include the 8 stories (including mine) that were published for a month on the In Fabula-divino web site in 2012, and for stories by more established artists. Below is the table of contents.

Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta – Sea Dreams
Lily Ariser – A New Ever After
Trudi Canavan – A Good Yarn
A E Decker – In The Woods
Janett L Grady – Stay Out of the Park
Holly Kench – The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan
P J Keuning – Crossroads
S G Larner – Regret
Tony Owens – Digging Out the Ribs of Gold
Joseph W Patterson – Franklin’s Rainbow
Angela Slatter – Dresses, Three
Kaaron Warren – White Bed

You can go to the In Fabula-divino to learn more about the writers.

If you look closely at the cover (above) you can see lines from, and pictures representing, the 8 stories from the web sight. Mine line is in the middle under the armoured lady, which is the picture for my story.

The line quoted is "Duel with the woman Melville, and be done with it."

You will be hearing more about this! 


  1. Congratulations Rick - fantastic news.


    1. Thanks Mark, I'll email you soon.