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Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Top Ten Obsession Songs

We’ve always been obsessed with best of type list, think Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. However, the advent of the internet, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It has been taken to incredible new heights (lows?). I know this because I’ve been court up in the obsession myself. Far too many hours watching top 10s on YouTube. In particular, top 10 song lists. As I watched all these lists (when I should have been writing) I thought of some that haven’t been covered, as far as I know.

So, here is my Top 10 Obsession Songs, specifically songs that reflect one person with an obsession over another person.

10 Something I’ll most like have a Beatle’s song in all my top 10 song list, if I do any more, simply because I love the Beatles. However, Something fits well here. Its expresses the obsession of new love, how when you first fall for someone they take over your life, it’s all you can think about. True, but often short lived, obsession.

9 Jessie’s girl This song is grass is greener obsession. Showing an all-consuming desire for someone you cannot have. Rick Springfield looked like a typical pop singer, but he wasn’t. There was a real dark side to his music and Jessie’s Girl is a prime example. It almost tips over into stalker territory, but that goes to the next song.

8 Happy together This is a genuine stalker song. I have visions of a wall covered with a girls face and lit candles everywhere when listening to this song by the Turtles.

7 All I want is you The message of this U@ song is simple. You want all this other stuff, all I want is you. Pure obsession.

6 Don’t stand so close to me The Police are obsession song specialist with any number of songs reflecting theme. There were two other of their songs I seriously considered for this list, but this one is really the only choice in the end. It embodies one of the most dark and tragic types for obsession. Forbidden fruit, earnestly desiring what you truly cannot/should not have.
5 Ain’t no sunshine Bill Withers really misses this she. When she’s not there it’s all he can think about in this song, genuine obsession.

4 Nothing compares to you This one perfectly shows the obsessive power of love lost. Sinead O’Conner expresses it perfectly.

3 Unchained melody Every single word in this song by Righteous Brothers oozes obsession. This is unconditional love taken to the extreme.  And it is beautiful.

2 Total control The main line of this Motels song says it all, ‘I’ll sell my sole for total control over you.’ It would be the ultimate obsession song but for the next one.

1 Pissing in the river Patty Smith writes poetry to music. A really special kind of poetry, poetry I actually like! The way she combines words and music is just incredible in its raw intensity. In Pissing in the River she gives the ultimate voice to obsession. While Martha is will to sell her soul for the object of her desires, Patty lets it everything has pure out leaving herself completely empty. I’d quote some lyrics, but what you need to do is follow the link and read them as you listen to the song.

There were a lot of songs that could have gone on this list, I just kept thinking of more all the time. So below is a list of some that I considered, but didn’t make the top 10.

Please let me know if there is any songs that you think I should have included.

Every little thing she does is magic
The first time ever I saw your face

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