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Monday, 28 July 2014

Writing Journal: I haven't blogged because I haven't written

I think you have to actually write to be a writer?

I just haven't been writing, until tonight.

Some writing stuff has happened. I've done a tiny (very tiny) bit of editing on my novel, Lonely Susan. I also had three people offer to read it for me. One of those people have already gotten back to me with a very positive response and some useful feedback.

I've also submitted Radar Love to another publication. Right now I have two stories out there hoping to be free. My only other complete short story, Bounty, underwent a big rewrite recently, so I need it to be checked before trying to free it again.

What I most need to do is write! I have a short story called Ved which has been half written for months now. I'm going to do some writing on it every night until it's finished. I think it's the only way it will get finished.

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