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Monday, 29 September 2014

Writing Journal: Writetober

I've had another good rejection. Although it took a long time, over three months, to come through. It one of my flash pieces sent to one of the daily fiction sites. It was good rejection because there was heaps of feedback. Paragraph long bit of feedback from three people who read it. They even had the names of the reviewers (So, I've found their addresses and hired the is wrong...must not do.) they had something good to say about the story, but all found different reasons to fault it. I'm still processing the information.

In the mean time I have to get back to some writing.

So, here comes Writetober!

(I don't know if I made Writetober up or heard it somewhere?)

During the month of October I am going to do as much writing/editing as I can and tweet about it every day. I have set goals, which I'm not going to tell, that I will be aiming for. However, the main aim is just to do a real lot of writing type stuff.

My tweets will be with #writetober if you want to follow my progress for the month. I hope you do.

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  1. Good luck Rick - hope Writetober goes well!