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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Are two year old boys human?

My two year old, Nathanael, does some interesting things. Like crawling on all four and trying to sound like both a dog and a cat at the same time, running up to me to give me a hug and deliberately head butting me between the legs, all with a great big smile, deciding to lay flat on the ground, while crossing a the road a a major intersection and refusing to move, trying to swim, breaststroke, on a path made of pebbles, stretching his arms out, owling, and spinning until he falls over, trying to fit himself in every cupboard and box in the house, pulling all the paper off the toilet role and coming to tell you what his done, etc. the list is eandless.

Yes, I know this all make him a normal two year old boy, which leads to the question, "Are two year old boys human?"

My daughter, when she was two, was never so strange. Yes, she did once sit facing a wall and repeatably bag her head against the wall while saying ouch every time, but that was only once. Nathanael has no problem doing similar things many times over.
So what drives two year boys to do what they do?
Is there some developmental benefit to all this?
Is it the sin nature shining through?
Is it an evolutionary throw back?
Are all two year old boys taken over by aliens for a year?

If you read this and have an answer, please, please, I need to know.

Well not really, but i would still love to hear your answer.

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