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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Jesus: Heretic or Lunatic!

This is the title of my sermon this Sunday at Leichhardt Congregational Church. I comes from Mark Chapters 2 & 3.

In these chapters Jesus commits many heresies in the eyes of the religious authorities of the day like, claiming to be able to forgive sin, doing work on the Sabbath and hanging out with the wrong people. This is the heretic part of the title.

At the nd of chapter three Jesus' family show up to take him home because they thought he'd flipped his lid (Mark 3:21), hence the lunatic.

Of course Jesus was neither of these, but for those who would not believehim at the time, he had to be one or the other.

Now Jesus said that, if we followed Him, we would be treated the same way that he was (John 15:21). So, has anyone called you crazy lately, for being a follower of Jesus? Ever get perscecuted, or accused of heresy?

It doesn't seem to happen all that much to Christians living in Australia.

I really do often wonder why?

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