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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chess and the Bible No.3

I play a lot of online chess.

There are two types of online chess:
1. Live chess, where you play online against an opponent, who is also online, with a set time limit. This time limit can be 15 minutes, which would be considered a long game, or as little as 1 minute, often called bullet chess, which is very popular. I find this all to fast for me.
2. Turn based chess, which is like correspondence chess for the internet. In this type you make a move and your opponent, who may not be online at the time, has a number of days to make their move. Three days is the most common time limit. This is what I play.

I started playing chess online because it became hard for me to get to tournaments, which I love playing in. The online stuff became a kind of substitute for the missing tournaments. Over the years I've developed some opening patterns that I follow in my online games, and they have served me well. I thought that if I got back into tournaments I would now be much stronger in my openings.

I'm now near the end of playing in the City of Sydney Championship, and I have found that I was wrong. Openings that did fairly well against, even fairly strong, online players, where no match for seasoned tournament players. They just blew holes in all my games! It made me realize that there is nothing like the real thing.

The same is true for the Bible.

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