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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Life Interrupts Routine

I've set myself a routine to blog three time a week, but this last week it has gone right out the window: life interrupts routine.

First: I could not post last Saturday because I was on a camp for adults with intercultural disabilities, I was their bus driver, so I planed to do it Sunday night when I got back.

Second: I got the bus I was driving bogged while parking it. I spent three hours on Sunday night trying to get it out. I finally gave up and committed to coming back Monday morning, another group needed the bus by 8am. On Monday morning we got the bus unbogged in time, with the help of a 4WD.

Third: My three year old son became ill and I spent most of Monday night looking after him.

Fourth: My son was still sick Tuesday night and I was again up most of the night with him. We took him to the doctors on Wednesday and found out he has tonsillitis.

Fifth: Wednesday night I just went to bed.

So, now I'm writing this blog Thursday night: life interrupts routine.

Although, a friend posted this picture on Facebook showing some people who are not letting life interrupt their routine.

 This is Beverly Hills Railway Station in Sydney today during a very heavy rainstorm. 

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