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Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I've never been quite sure if I should post about my story submission, say when I've submitted a story and where I've submitted it. I'll always post about successes, when I've had a story accepted, but I seem to be worried about letting people know about possible failures. I see some ego issues here.

Anyway, because I think ego is a dirty word, here are my current submissions. ( The song is great.)

I submitted my short story, 'Bounty' to Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine on the 16th of August. Seeing that it is the No. 1 SF Magazine in the world I will be very surprised if get a story accepted my first go. They gave me a tracking number and told me it would be about 5 weeks before I'll hear anything. I've checked my tracking number at least twenty times. :)

My only other submission is my short story, 'Crossroads' to In fabula-divinos ( Which is a webzine, I think, that publishes one short story a month, of an up and coming writer, and then puts all the stories into an anthology at the end of the year. You have to submit your story between the 1st and 7th of each month. You then find out on the 8th of the month if your story has been accepted.

So, even though I submitted my story to Asimov's two weeks before the story I submitted to In fabula-divinos, I'll find out if In fabula-divinos has accept my story at least two weeks be fore I find out Asimov's response.

Interestingly, to me, is that one of the requirements for In fabula-divinos is that you've not had any professional sales. Acceptance by Asimov's would be a professional sale. If, amazingly, Asimov's accepted 'Bounty' within the next two days, I would become ineligible for In fabula-divinos. However, if In fabula-divinos accepts 'Crossroad', and then Asimov's accepts 'Bounty' after that what happens?

I don't know.

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