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Friday, 15 March 2013

2013 Specfic Festival part 1: Before

Tomorrow I'm going the the 2013 Speculative Fiction Festival at the NSW Writers' Centre. This is the second such festival, the first was in September 2011 and I went to it. The first one was really great, it was my first experience of such an event, it was inspiring and intimidating. Inspiring because it really got me excited about writing and convinced me to have a go. Intimidating because I knew no one and was just overwhelmed by it all. I talked to almost no one, didn't ask any questions at any of the sessions and just left quietly at the end. I had no plans or goals other than to be there. This time I hope it will be different.

I have a few things I'm planning to do:

  1. Hand out flyers promoting the In Fabula-divino anthology, just released, which I've have a story in. This is a bit scary for me. When I was in high school I was asked to hand out some flyer for an event I was part of. I got scared and chucked them in a bin. Don't want to do that again!
  2. Meet and talk to some authors and other people in the industry. Angela Slatter is one of the established authors who provided a story for In Fabula-divino, so it will be good to meet her. There are also some other authors who I've met and chatted with at a previous event I'm hoping to get a chance to meet again.
  3. I'm also hoping to meet Mark Webb, an aspiring writer (like me) and a great blogger. Mark has done some beta reading for me and has really helped improve my work. We've never met in person, so I'm looking forward to doing so.
So, I'll let you know how the day, and my plans, went after the Festival. 

Below is the flyer I'm hoping to hand out a bunch of.

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