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Friday, 8 March 2013

Epilogue: A Review

Epilogue is a great Anthology. It's only the second Australian made themed anthology that I've read and it teases me to read more. Every story left an impression on me.

Sleepy Beauty: Don't know if I understand, still thinking.

A Memory Trapped in Light: The stories not finished, I want to know what happened next.

Time and Tide: Amazing concepts, great characters, confusing ending.

Fireflies: A slice of post apocalyptic life.

The Fletcher Test: There is hope after all.

Ghosts: Just to survive is not enough.

Sleepers:  More questions than answers.

Solitary: How we are the same matters more than how we are different.

Cold Comfort: There is a larger world to be explored here, give me more.

The Mornington Ride: Almost the song.

What Books Survive: Who will read them.

The Last Good Town: What is good?

Thank you FableCroft, a wonderful book.

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