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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Book Review: Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear

I think book reviews are a great idea, but writing them still scares me. I finished the anthology, ‘Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear’, by Peggy Bright Books more than two weeks ago and building up the courage to write this review since.

Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear is a great book full of interesting and entertaining stories. The title interested me right off. I pictured the idea of the light of our eyes touching the written page and having a life changing impact on the reader. I’m not sure if this was meant, but it’s what I got out of it. It’s good to have a great title, but it is the stories that really count.

As I’ve already said, the stories are great. Every one of them are worthy of positive comment, but I’m going to pick just few that stood out for me.

The Bone Chime Song by Joanne Anderton: I deeply thoughtful story of regret, consequences and loss.

The Travelling Salesman and the Farmer’s Daughter by Katherine Cummings: An entertaining space story with a fun twist that I still enjoyed even though I saw it coming.

The Subjunctive Case by Robert Porteous: What you get when quantum physics is used to solve murder mysteries.

Mary and the Unicorn by Ripley Patton: A story that is incredible true to life while being fantasy.

The Godbreaker and Unggubudh the Mountian by Ian McHugh: A story set in a fully realised world that is both familiar and very different at the same time.

These are just five of the thirteen worthy stories in this book. Want stories that will have an impact on you as you read and beyond? Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear is such a book.

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