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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Radar Love Journal Entry 4

It's done! I'm finished! Well, part one anyway. I have completed the first draft of Radar Love, the last word is on the page. 

So, what is next?

Here is a reminder of the plan

First: Finish the first draft by the 24th of April, the day before I go the Conflux 9.

Second: Take it to my writing group for their feedback, this will most likely be just after Conflux 9, and edit accordingly. As my gut is telling me that the story is going to be about 4000 words, the group will most likely read it over two weeks.

Third: Let it sit until the end of May, and then edit again.

Fourth: Send to some beta-readers. I have a couple of people who beta read for me, I need more. Edit accordingly.

Fifth: Let it sit for two more weeks and go through it again, reading it out loud and letting my wife give it the once over.

Sixth: Submit, hopefully, sometime in July. The cut-off date is 15 October, so I’ve got a buffer if more time/work is needed.

Now here is the revision

First: Got first draft finished by the 1st of May.

Second: Take it to my writers group over three weeks, I went over the estimated 4000 words by a few hundred, so I need to break it up into three parts to have enough time for plenty of feedback in the time allowed.

The rest of the steps are unchanged, so far.

It feels real good to have completed another story (in a sense, there's still some work to do) and at 4000+ words it's the longest story I've ever completed.

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