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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I Went For The Ride

Book Review: Have Wormhole, Will Travel

By Tony McFadden

I’m not sure how to start this review except to say I went for the ride. Have Wormhole, Will Travel is a, mostly, light hearted soft Sci-Fi book. It has a lot of flaws, but I really enjoyed reading it. I would even consider reading it again. I will certainly read any sequels.

Having said that I really liked it, do feel the need to warn readers that there are problems with this book.

The biggest problem for me had to do with repeating scenes. That is times when the same scenes just seemed to be repeating over and over. In the first half the book, the two alien characters seen to get together a lot and just go over how bad the problem is. They act like there’s been some new revelation that has to be discussed and I just couldn’t see it. In the second half it’s the girl characters who meet up a lot. One of the girls, Jackie, is the one calling all these meetings. They are always somewhere to eat or drink and Jackie always pays! Jackie really seemed to have a lot of money! This did not seem to fit with her job as a fitness trainer. I kept expecting it to be revealed that she had a filthy rich daddy. This all (and other stuff) stuck out at me while I was reading, but did not stop my enjoyment of the book.

For me Tony McFadden is a very good story teller who is still learning to write.

Have Wormhole, Will Travel really shines as a story, but has real flaws as a book. So, I say read it for the story and let the other stuff float past your eyes.

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