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Monday, 27 January 2014

Target April fool Week Three Report

#targetalprilfool #writing

It’s the end of week three and I have written over 5000 words. I did not reach 30000 words, but I’m okay with that.

Here is how the numbers broke down
Start of week three 19/1/14 24101 words
Finish of week three 26/1/14 29131 words
Total words for the week 5030

I’m no longer concerned about reaching a specific ‘5000’ mark, but just in getting enough written each week to achieve the end goal. I’ve increased the word count every week so for, but I’m not expecting this to continue as my work life gets busy again with schools restarting.

February is going to be a real challenge. All the things that have been on holidays will kick back in and I’m running a 30 hour training course on top of all my regular work and stuff. I make it through February the novel will be in the bag.

What I have found to be the biggest aid to getting good chunks of writing done is setting aside blocks of time in which I set myself a amount to write. This is working very well for me, particularly when do it with other writers at the same time. I find the weekly writing race run on Facebook run by the The Australian Writers Marketplace Online a real help, even with it being just once a week. Through this writing race I've just met Tamyka Bell who's been inspired by the weekly race to the point where she is hosting around two races a day. I've no chance of making them all, but having the set times there to use is really valuable. 

The end goal remains, that by week 13 (1st April) I have finished first draft of my first novel, Lonely Susan.
Can I do this? I don’t know, but I’m going to try really hard.

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  1. Great work Rick - I can feel the momentum building!


  2. Thanks Mark, How is your writing going?