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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Book Review: Abduction (Alex Cain #3) By Alan Baxter

Book three Alan Baxter’s Alex Cain series, Abduction, launches straight into the action. Books one and two lead in with a bunch of scene setting, which was the weakest part of both of them, but not this time. In my view this is the best of the three very good books.

Alex is immediately abducted and taken to the land of the Fey. The evil race from another dimension who have been in the background previously are now front and centre. Just to add to the fun, Alex’s enemy from book one returns with a twist. What follows is action and then some more action. In all the action there is also a lot of world building and character development, which is nice. Character and world building through the action is one of a number of things Alan Baxter does well. Alan actually does a lot of things well.

Another good thing about Abduction is that the story feels bigger. Most of books 1 & 2 focus very closely on Alex Cain, he is the main character. However, because he is taken off the Fey Land early and spends a lot of time separate from his friends we get to see a lot more from their point of view. This really helps. It feels like an evolutionary step forward in the series.

The one small issue that stands in this book (it’s also in the others) is the sudden appearance of convenient helpers. People who appear at the right time with the right bit of information. Given the high speed nature of the stories, this may have been necessary and really not a big deal.

Basically all the major plot threads are tied up in this book and there is a solid, and surprising, conclusion. However, there is still heaps of scope for more books and I hope there will be.
A great book to end a great trilogy.

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