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Monday, 5 January 2015

Writing Journal: 2015 and other stuff

I've made myself the commitment to write and/or edit every day in 2015. My aim right now is 300 words a day. I've already found I can do this in just one hour. I'm hoping to do a lot more some days. I'm tweeting each day what I've done under #writingeveryday1015. I'm not going to include any of my bogs as part of the word count, nor am I going to include any short story editing.

However, editing my novel, Lonely Susan, I will most likely count. I'm planning to start my second draft edit of Lonely Susan in February and try to do at least a chapter every second day. With just over 30 chapters I'll hopefully get through it in about two months.

What I'm aiming for is to be very productive in my writing this year.

My other aim, which I have less control over, is to get more stuff punished. At the end or 2014 I mentioned how I'd sent three short stories out for publication. I was hoping for 3 out of 3. I got 1 out of 3. Which is still good. So, in issue 201 of AntipodeanSF (March 2015) will include my story, Earth Grand Master. I've resubmitted the other two to new markets. Here's hoping.

I have definite plans for what I would like to see published in 2015. I may share them with you in the future.

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