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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Book Review: Aurora: Meridian By Amanda Bridgeman

Book three of Amanda Bridgeman’s Aurora series continues the adventures of the crew of the spaceship Aurora, which makes sense really. In particular, it focuses again on the two main characters Captain Saul Harris and Corporal Carrie Webb.

I really enjoyed Aurora: Meridian. It has all the elements that made the first two books great; Lots of terrific action and spot on story pacing and development. Sharley and his crew continue to be great villains and just enough of their plans and motives are revealed to keep the tension and interest.

There was just one thing, well two things, which bothered me. Both Carrie and Saul do something really dumb. For no good reason except that their actions advance the plot or provide more tension.

Carrie’s dumb thing comes first, a choice to take a course of action that makes no sense. It’s bad enough to make me wonder why everyone thinks she is so special. However, the outcome does lead to an important plot development. Does that make it okay? I am very keen to find out what happens next.

For Saul it’s an out of the blue family twist. His reaction to this family thing causes him to miss something really important. I don’t think it should have, but it did. This continued an ongoing tension in Saul’s story line that I would like to see resolved. However, I don’t think it will be any time soon.

Besides these two annoying things, I really enjoyed Aurora: Meridian and want to read more. I will be buying the next book in the series, Aurora: Centralis, as soon as it comes out. That is a cool name.

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