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Friday, 26 April 2013

Conflux day 1

I made it to Conflux, I got into my Steampunk costume, let the fun begin.

The first thing I attended was the Steampunk High Tea. There were lots of great costumes, (see examples below) far to much food and some friendly conversation.

I then went a panel on pitching stories and found out that it was like a job interview. I hate job interviews, what am I going to do?

Next was a book launch. i was right at the back and couldn't hear or see anything. I talked to some of the others in the same situation.

At the Opening Ceremony I learnt that my 'Evil Overlord' name is Daphne Bashisheadin. I like the name Daphne.

At the Cocktail party I drank water and had something to eat.

I went to a panel about life transitions in Specfic and learn about the rebirth rituals of Native Americans. It was interesting.

My last panel was about the importance of editing. I learnt at lot, but my editor has cut it from this blog.

My first attempt to take a picture of myself in a mirror.

Two people in great costumes.

The costume winner, the five runners up and a little girl dressed as a fairy.

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