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Friday, 26 April 2013

Conflux Day 2

I have survived the second day of Conflux, just. I'm wondering how I'm going to do two more days. the conference is really good, but I'm so tired.

The first thing today was a workshop (starting at 8am!) on polishing your stories. It was a very partical workshop and I learnt so much. But the extra work I now think I've got to put into my stories leaves my lazy side in tears.

Next was a small press vs big press smack down panel, that wasn't a smack down. Everyone got alone and said that there's a place for both. But it was a good panel.

There was a book launch at morning tea.

After morning tea I went to a publishers shown case, where only two of the three publishers were there. the third had just had a book launch, so I guess they were busy. The time listening to the two who were there was extremely valuable.

I than went to a panel on, I thought, The politics of steampunk. as I only want to say good things, I'll say that my respect for author Richard Harland, while was already high, was greatly increased by the end of this panel.

After lunch there was an interview with Angry Robot (a publisher) boss Marc Gascoigne. He was funny and very interesting to listen to.

I then took part in a reading session from the anthology In Fabula-divino. I read my whole story from the book. We were on at the same time as a book launch, but we still had a small group come and listen. I will be part of the launch of the book on Sunday.

This was followed by to really great panels, Contracts and Copyright & The business of writing. They were so good that just going to them is enough to make the whole trip worth it.

The last thing, for me, was the launch of the csfg Publishing anthology, 'Next".
The book has thirty stories and about twenty of the authors were there. So, anyone who bought the book, like me, got to line up and have all the authors, and the editors, sign the book.

There were some more night session, but I'm just so Tired, I'm going to bed.

Good night.


  1. wow, full days! Sounds so great. Wish I could've been there.

  2. Yes, it's really good. Very long days, but well worth it.