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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Conflux Day 3

An other great day at Conflux 9 over, here are some of today's high lights:

A great workshop about creating vivid characters with author Karren Miller. I also had a coffee with her, and some other ladies, and learnt some interesting things.

An informative panel on writing communities.

Richard Harland reading from
his new book
Song of the Sums
The book launch of Richard Harland's latest novel, "Song of the Slums". There is a great video trailer for the book on You Tube.

Another informative panel, this time about fantasy world building.

The Ditmar awards, which is the Australian, popular vote, awards for Spec Fic writing and some other stuff. I won't go into all the awards, but i will mention one. the best new talent award was won by David McDonald. I mention this one because David's a friend and I'm very happy for him.Ii'm very happy for all the other winners as well, I just don't really know, only know them a little.

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