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Sunday, 14 April 2013

In Fabula-divino Blog Hop

Welcome the In Fabula-divino blog hop.

In anticipation of the paper back launch of the anthology, ‘In Fabula-divino’ in two weeks at Conflux 9 the authors have got together to answer five In Fabula questions about the incredible experience that was the In Fabula-divino. (The eBook version has already been released; you can go to the ‘In Fabula-divino’ for the details.)

Today, I have Holly Kench the author of ‘The Secret Diary of a Zombie Fan’. (There is a sneak peak of her story after the interview.)

Welcome to The Rick Blog.

Great to be here Rick.

Are you ready to kill zombies...I mean...answer ‘Five In Fabula Questions’?

Ready for both, Rick.

1.         What was your inspiration for the story?
Like most zombie fans, I have spent a little too much time discussing and devising a zombie apocalypse survival plan. My sister and I have passed many a night huddled in front of zombie movies, assuring ourselves that we would handle an approaching wave of zombies with far more sense and success than any of the gun wielding war heroes, super human chicks, or ostensibly geeky body builders that wandered our screens. When I saw the In Fabula-divino call for submissions, I decided it was time I wrote a story about how two girls, like my sister and I, might actually manage if zombies turned up at their door.

2.         How different has the In Fabula-divino journey been from what you expected when you first submitted your story?
I didn’t expect my story to be accepted, so that was a surprise. Other than that I had very few expectations, but I was surprised by what a great time I had during the mentorship process. Nicole has a wicked sense of humour and understands my nerdy references, so we got along really well. I had a lot of fun bombarding her with questions and thrived on her answers.

3.         What is the best thing about having your story in this anthology?
It is always an amazing feeling to know that someone enjoys my writing. For Nicole to like The Secret Life of a Zombie Fan enough to include it in the In Fabula-divino anthology was incredibly exciting.

4.         Is there anything scary about having your story in the anthology?
There’s no room for fear when confronting the zombie apocalypse, I mean, when getting a story published!

5.         What was the most important thing you learnt during the In Fabula-divino process?
Definitely how to be a more conscious and reflective editor of my own work. Being able to look at someone else’s work and spot the flaws is one thing, but Nicole showed me how to do the same with my own writing. I used to be one of those people who would scribble out what they intended to be the final version on the first go. Now I still don’t particularly enjoy editing my own stories, but I value the drafting and editing process, and look forward to seeing how I can improve my work with each edit. Imagine that! Editing makes your work better – who knew?

Thanks Holly, it was great to have you drop by so I could, sorry...pick your brains.

Rick, are you a zombie?

Please continue the In Fabula-divino blog hop by hopping over to Holly’s blog, ‘Confessions of a Stuffed Olive’, where she interviews In Fabula-divino author S G Larner.

Speak Peak
Holly Kench

“Shit,” my sister muttered as she pulled her boyfriend through the front door and slammed it shut. “Grab the bags, Harper. It’s happening.”
“What’s happening?” I asked, irritated by her tone of voice. It was hardly the greeting I expected after she had been away for two weeks. I hadn’t seen another human for days, having decided to write off social contact in favour of getting some work done. I’d been looking forward to some sister bonding and a Resident Evil marathon on her return. Instead she turned up with bossy, cryptic orders.
“The apocalypse.” Ellie threw her arms in the air.
“Don’t be a dick,” I said.
In response, she pulled open the front blind. “Take a look, Harper, and then get a move on.”
She was right. Outside my window were four zombies, walking stiltedly yet determinedly towards my front door.
“What the—”
“Yes, exactly,” said Ellie. “So grab the f___ing bags and let’s go.”
Watching the zombies approach, I wasn’t surprised. I was horrified, even a little exhilarated; but I wasn’t surprised. Ellie and I had always suspected the zombie apocalypse would one day eventuate.
We’d never been convinced about vampires. The idea that a group of super-human anaemics were living in castle basements never seemed plausible. Zombies, on the other hand… We would have put money on someone, somewhere, messing around in a lab with a virus that would eventually lead to the downfall of the human race.

Author Bio:
Holly Kench is a writer and feminist, with a classics degree and a fear of spiders. She enjoys writing fantasy and humour, and is convinced we can change the world through popular culture. Holly writes about her life as a stuffed olive at and manages "Visibility Fiction" for the promotion and publication of inclusive young adult fiction at

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