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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Back on the Story train

Time flies when you're changing your life.

In July, my family and I moved to Woy Woy and I changed jobs. My new Job required me to drive to Sydney each day leading to twelve hour days. This gave me just enough excuse to stop bogging, almost stop writing and spend much less time online (the last may be a good thing).

However, I am now determined to get back on the 'horse', or 'train', or something like that. Before I go into my 'plans' for the future, I'm going to outline the little I have done.

  • I have two short stories our there in submission land right now. One in the IFWG Story Quest Contest, my first story, Bounty, which has not found a home. The other for an anthology called, 'Kisses By Clockwork', with Ticonderoga Publications. I wrote this story, 'Radar Love', in a burst of inspiration back in May. It then mostly sat and stewed until I submitted it at the last minute on the 14th of October. I'm hopping I've done enough.
  • I've written about a 1,000 words of my novel, 'Lonely Susan'. 1,000 words in 3 months, I write like lighting!
  • I've written a short short story (500 words) about chess and First Contact called 'Earth's Grand Master'. I actually wrote the whole story in one hour during at Writing Race on Facebook.
So that's what I've done; here is what I'm hoping to do.
  • Write every day.
  • Blog at least three time a week.
  • Do a better job of connecting with others in writing and SpecFic community.
Right now I have started on a story idea for the Twelfth Planet Press Anthology Kaleidoscope called 'Ved'. It's about an Indian boy who cannot help but describe everything in detail. 

I'm looking for other themed anthologies as I seem to find inspiration for story by reading their guidelines. That is where both Radar Love and Ved came from.

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