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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Book Review: Aurora: Darwin

I first encountered Amanda Bridgeman at the new authors show case at Conflux 8 back in April. This got me interested enough to buy her newly published book, Aurora: Darwin. It took be a while to read it, but I’m glad I did.

Aurora: Darwin is a good book.

As it is clearly the first book in a series it spends a fair chunk of the book establishing the characters and setting the scene. This was done very well, I almost never got bored or tempted to skip a bit. I wanted to know about them. There was just one thing I found odd. This was the incredible tension causes by the women being introduced to the military space ship. I did not ring true to me that there would still be such incredible prejudice against women in the military in the future. Perhaps I’m just a bit to idealistic.

Things really ramp up when the story reaches the Darwin space station; lots of great tension and plenty of well written action scenes. There were just a few times when I had to pause in an action sense, and reread a bit, to get a clear picture of what was happening.

Over all, Aurora: Darwin is a great read, well worth consideration by every Scifi reader.

Book two in the series, Aurora: Pegasus, is coming out on the 1st of December and really looking forward to reading it.

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