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Monday, 17 March 2014

Target April fool Week Ten Report

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Week ten saw me miss a day of writing for the first time since I started target April Fool. Sad, but I was (mostly) in bed for 24 hours with a really bad stomach bug. So I also fell well short of my 3000 word goal.

Here are the numbers:
Start of week Ten, 3/3/14, 45082 words
Finish of week Ten, 9/3/14, 47049 words
Total words for the week 1967

This outcome is okay, I wrote for 67 days in a row; which is very good actually.

I’m now very near the end. I fully expect to finish the first draft this coming week. I look forward to saying, ‘It is finished’, next week.

The end goal remains, that by 1st April I have finished first draft of my first novel, Lonely Susan.
Can I do this? Yes I can, I’m almost there.

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